Datasheet-a-Day W27 2020

More datasheets/app notes/unclassifiable electronics things. I should get around to writing some blog articles about something else as well, eh?

Datasheet-a-Day W26 2020

The daily datasheet thing continues. It's been surprisingly easy to get in at least one a day, mostly because a lot of them are quite short. This week, one day was taken up with reading a big pile of datasheets for motor driver ICs, which was repetitive but educational.

Datasheet-a-Day W24 2020

I started a new thing this last week. I've been impressed by Adrian Colyer's the morning paper for a long time. It's a project where Colyer read and commented on a computer science paper every week day during term time, and wrote a summary of the paper. Some of the summaries are quite long. It was really useful, for those of us who were working in a similar field, because it meant that we could get a quick overview of papers without going to the trouble of reading them.

I have no intention of displaying the level of diligence that Colyer did, but it did make me think about a less ambitious "read a thing every day" project. I've been thinking of it as "datasheet a day", but I've been reading a mixture of datasheets and application notes.