Datasheet-a-Day W31 2020

Slightly fewer datasheets this week, because I'm reading "Op Amps For Everyone", which is a 464-page thing about op amps from TI. That's a bit too long to manage one of them in a day!

Datasheet-a-Day W30 2020

I tried one new thing this week with the datasheets. I took a number of datasheets for "standard" diodes, and just looked through them to get a sense of the kinds of parameters that are usually quoted for these things. It was a useful exercise, and I'll do the same for some transistors next week. Otherwise, I continued with ploughing through the Analog Devices "mini-tutorials" series. They're of varying difficulty and relevance, but they all feel like things it would be good to know about.

Teensy Load testing

I've had some time to work on my Teensy Load project recently. I got the boards a couple of weeks ago, assembled one, found that it didn't really work, and tracked that problem down to a wrong-way-round diode (due to a weird symbol definition I'd used from the wrong KiCad library).

And yesterday I did some end-to-end testing using the tl-meter software that I wrote. And it (partially) worked!