Datasheet-a-Day W45 2020

More datasheets and application notes: starting to learn about DACs in the Analog Mini-Tutorials series, another DC/DC converter (in a slightly less silly package), plus a couple of randoms.

STM32 Timer + ADC + DMA: Part 1

I've been doing some STM32 programming recently as part of my Mini-Mapper project (using an STM32F767ZI). I needed to collect samples from several analog inputs at a fixed frequency, for monitoring motor torque. A simple thing to do, right? But the obvious way to do it isn't necessarily the best.

In this series of three articles, I'm going to try to show a better way. Some of this will be quite boring (it's just configuring microcontroller peripherals, after all), so I allowed myself a bit of time for a fun "finisher" at the end.

STM32 Timer + ADC + DMA: Part 2

In this second article of three, we're going to change our polling ADC example from the first article to use DMA.

DMA is a subject that is unavoidably a little complicated. It's useful to understand what DMA really is to get an idea of where that complexity comes from. That might help to build some enthusiasm to battle your way through the DMA section of the reference manual!

Datasheet-a-Day W44 2020

An interesting application note about crystals (I know very little about them, and need to know more) and a paper about how best to solder QFN packages, plus some jellybeanish analogue ICs and a tiny tiny DC/DC converter.