Now That's How You Use A Camera...

13 Jan 2012photosscience

I’m a sucker for nature photos. One of our annual outings when we lived in Bristol was to the Nature Photographer Of The Year exhibition at the city museum. Going by the crowds there, we aren’t the only ones who like this stuff.

So, here’s some eye candy.

Boston Globe: Jaguar cub

First, The Boston Globe has The 50 Best Photos From The Natural World. I don’t know about the 50 best, but they’re pretty good!

Oldest Living Things: La Llareta

Like old stuff? Here’s some old stuff. Some of the oldest there is. Photos of some of the oldest living things in the world. And if you like thought-provoking images of old organisms, check out Mike Iverson’s rendition of “Bristlecone Pine”, an image in sound.

Suren Mavelyan: Husky eye

And lastly, let’s look at some eyes. And what eyes. Suren Manvelyan took a simple idea (photograph ideas) and produced something truly beautiful. Be sure to check out both the images of animal eyes and those of humans. The variation in patterns is fascinating.