Beach Time!

29 Jan 2012dogs


Today, we had an early morning outing to the Plage de l’Espiguette, a big beach about 30 km east of Montpellier. We got up at 6:15, picked up the Modulauto car at 7:00, persuaded Winnie into the back (she’s still a bit scared of cars...) and off we went. We arrived at the car park before sunrise and were the only people there! Miles and miles of dunes were ours alone! Much frolicking there was. And climbing up and down the dunes. And digging. And chasing of sticks. And rolling around pretending to be a dog (just Ian, since Winnie is a dog, and Rita isn’t quite as silly as me). It was a lovely morning, and the dunes were very pretty indeed. We’ll be going back there again, some time before the summertime beach dog ban comes in. And hopefully, with more doggie company next time, since I think Winnie could have done with a four-legged buddy to run around with. I do my best, but I don’t quite have what it takes for serious boisterous play, since I can’t run at 40 km/h for hours and hours at a time...