Involuntary Hiatus Hiccup

25 May 2014

It’s more than two months since I last wrote a blog article. I’ve been ridiculously busy since then and things are only just now calming down. It now looks as though I’m going to try something new, at least for three months or so, and that should provide more time for blogging. I had to drop more or less all of my personal projects for the last couple of months, which has been frustrating (no work on my data analysis book, no work on arb-fft, very little work on C2HS, a huge backlog of technical reading piling up and up and up like some Tower of Techno-Babel). Things should get back to something more like normal from now on though.

One benefit of working like a donkey for the last couple of months is that I now have a bit of money in the bank, and I’m planning to use that financial window to push some personal projects forwards. I have a few ideas, starting with “finishing” arb-fft and getting back to some work on my book. I’ll do a couple of days of paid work a week, do a bit of open-source stuff (C2HS and Hackage mostly) and work on those personal projects. And blogging. There will be blogging.

Starting tomorrow. Now though, I’m going to go outside and lie myself down in the sunshine.