Back again...

1 Jan 2017

Well, that’s pretty poor. It’s a year and a half since I last wrote an article here. A lot has happened in that time, and I have some cool new things coming up that I want to write about, so I’d better dust this off.

Quick summary of the last 18 months:

I started a new job in September last year, and had my last day there on December 9. It was OK, but obviously not perfect, otherwise I wouldn’t have left. There were some great people there, but the management of the organisation left a lot to be desired. I’m starting something new tomorrow (!) which I’m quite excited about and that I’ll write about in the next couple of weeks.

We bought a house! It has some doer-upper aspects to it, but it’s pretty great. Very big garden, plenty of space (we have more rooms here than in all the places we’ve lived before now put together!), good dog walking nearby, quiet but handy for transport (we’re about two minutes drive from a motorway, but you don’t hear it much), work for Rita nearby, etc. We moved in in July and had an initial spasm of renovation work where we transformed the rather manky kitchen into something nice. We’re just finishing up renovating the living room, and have lots of ideas of more things to do. One thing is to build a separate office building for me to use, which is going to my big project for the spring. Lots of things to learn! (As well as having more rooms now than we’ve ever had before, we also have more power tools than I’ve ever owned in my life...)