C2HS Tutorial Ideas

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #14: Markov matrix calculations

C2HS 0.25.1 “Snowmelt”

Constraint kinds and associated types

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #12: dynamics warm-up

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #10: significance of flow patterns

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #9: speeding up KDE

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #8: flow pattern distribution

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #7: PCA for spatio-temporal data

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #6: principal components analysis

Non-diffusive atmospheric flow #5: pre-processing

Haskell data analysis: Reading NetCDF files

Using Images in Haddock Documentation on Hackage

Haskell FFT 15: Some small Haskell things

Haskell FFT 14: Wrap-up

Haskell FFT 13: Optimisation Part 3

Haskell FFT 12: Optimisation Part 2

Haskell FFT 11: Optimisation Part 1

Haskell FFT 10: Building a package

Haskell FFT 9: Prime-Length FFT With Rader’s Algorithm

Haskell FFT 8: Benchmarking Experiments

Haskell FFT 7: Where We’ve Got To, Where We’re Going

Haskell FFT 6: Implementing the Mixed-Radix FFT

The Teeny-Tiny Happy Hakyll TikZ Pixie

Haskell FFT 5: Transforming Vectors of Arbitrary Lengths

Haskell FFT 4: A Simple Application

Haskell FFT 3: Cooley-Tukey for Powers of Two

Haskell FFT 2: Matrix factorisation

Haskell FFT 1: The Discrete Fourier Transform

Data Analysis in Haskell

Multilingual Blinkenlights!

Learning the Haskell FFI with C2HS

Haskell Quasiquotation

Angular ui-router with Yesod

Getting down and dirty with Haskell

BayesHive Beta

In Soviet Russia, Boilerplate Scrap You

Cabal Version Bounds


Upgrading to Hakyll 4

JavaScript Choices for Haskell Programmers

Fun with Fay

Lyapunov Exponents in Haskell: Part 2

Lyapunov Exponents in Haskell: Part 1

Haskell on Arch Linux

Sliders for Yesod

Playing with the Simplex Algorithm

A project: Constraints

AI Class: Bayes Networks

Hakyll Setup

AI Class: A* Search

Haskell Comic Scraper: Part 2

Haskell Comic Scraper: Part 1